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                                                                    Korean War Starts

The Korean war is a conflict between North Korea and South Korea that have occurred since June 25, 1950 until 27 July 1953. The war is also called “ war mandated” between United States along with allies UNO (United Nation Organization) with the communist People’s Republic of China in cooperation with Soviet Union. The main war participants are North Korea and South Korea. South Korea’s main ally is the United States, Canada, Australia, and Great Britain, although many other nations sent troops under the UNO flag. North Korea’s ally, as the people’s Republic of China provides military forces, while the USSR providing war adviser, airline pilots, and also weapons for the Chinese and North Korean forces.

The war began after North Korea attacked South Korea by crossing the boundary of two areas known as the 38th parallel. Started as a civil conflict between the two governments, the Korean War conflict quickly escalated into a multi-national. The war ended with a ceasefire between the two warring factions, however, without a formal peace treaty. North Korea biggest military weakness, though supported by 135.000 soldiers, is the inability to transport the equipment that is needed to keep abreast of the invasion of the south. Some people refer to the Korean War as the “Forgotten War” because it happened between two larger-scale bloody conflict that World War II and the Vietnam War.

Many civilians are forced to carry supplies across the line of the 38th parallel during Korean War were killed by air strikes. Noted than 600.000 Koreans who lost their lives during the war, 85 percent of whom were civilians. While North Korea did not have an adequate distribution system supplies, South Korea has an army with inferior weapons and troop numbers are only about 65.000 people. In response, President Truman ordered the US navy and naval forces under the command of General Douglas MacArthur to help prevent North Korea step forward. This makes the Koran War became the first armed confrontation of the Cold War era. Supported by the United Nations, they called on all members to support the struggle of South Korea. This of course made of Soviet and communist countries such as China more deeply involved. The Korean War was the first concerted effort after World War II to thwart communist aggression. Prisoners on both sides were treated poorly and many died.

With all the facts above, North Korea attacked first South Korea. They strike first reason is to catch a South Korea forces previously attacked troops in the border South Korea. After 3 years of war the war ended without a winner, the truce, made the Korean demilitarized zone. Because there is no peace treaty technically, this conflict is still continuing. As we hope that the condition of this conflict will be resolved at the negotiating, so that the things which we anticipate will not become a bitter reality. War is a failure of a negotiation process, which in essence is the struggle for the political interest of certain parties.

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