Sabtu, 30 Juli 2016

All About Me

            Hi , my name is Afina Zahrah Damayani, you can call me Fina. I was born in Bandung on 10 October 2001. I live in Pajajaran Gg. Kina no.16a/5a RT.05 RW.04 Bandung City. I want to tell you about me. My hobby is writing and reading a story, but I don’t really good at telling my self haha, but I’ll try. I have an account wattpad this is where my wild imagination is poured. Actually, I’m not too good at writing a story like other writers, my story is not to good. But I’m going to learn how to be a good writer.
           But being a writer is not my dream. My dream is to become a doctor, the first I wanted to become a doctor because she wanted to help those who are sick and dedicated to the public. But I am also interested in being a psychologist, I’m happy that other people tell me a story. I feel it is believed by the person, I also like to give the solutions or advices to the people who tell me their story.
            I also like some idols. There are Chanyeol Park from EXO, Seok Jin Kim from BTS, Ho Seok Shin or Wonho from Monsta X, Irene from Red Velvet, Krystal from F(x). I like them not because of their face. But, because their voices that’s good and their dance very energetic. I also like the culture of South Korean. I learned how to read and write Hangeul (Hangeul is the Korean language). Sometimes I do the cover dance with my best friend. We already cover dance, happiness and ice cream cake from Red Velvet, ooh-ahh and cheer up from Twice, and another one from Girls Generation. So, the point is I like Kpop. That’s all about me, maybe next time I’ll tell you anything else related to me again. Thank you.

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