Rabu, 28 September 2016

Unforgettable moment

                                                                  My Lunch Box Lost


                I had a bad experience which made me more careful about stuff. I forgot the date of the incident when it happened, maybe a few weeks ago or 1 month ago. I always bring lunch, and I always bring lunch box as the picture. By the time I finished eatting, I put my lunch box under the table. I forgot to enter my lunch box into the bag. The next day, I did not realize that I missed the lunch box. And I did not sit in the same place as yesterday.

                After a few days, I sitting in the same place when I lost my lunch box. I checked under the table and there is a lunch box. I pulled out a lunch box, I think I recognize this lunch box. I talk to my tablemate. "Hey, do you know who has this lunch box?" my friend replied "I don't know", I say "like my lunch box? But my lunch box at home, might have had someone else". I put the lunch box put  under the table. After that, I talked back to my friend.

                After a few week, yesterday my mother asked about the lunch box. "Fin, where your tupperware lunch box pink?" my mother asked. I remember again, oh my god !! lunch box that I found a few weeks ago, it's mine. I replied "Lag in school, at that time I had seen but I think it has others hehe...". After that, my mother told me for looking back my lunch box. Today I am looking back my lunch box was missing, but my lunch box that was not in my class. I was looking into a locker, under the table, and asked my friend. some of them had ever seen my lunch box but it's been a few weeks ago. I hope to find back my lunch box.

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