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South Korea

My dream place

                   A peninsula in east asia (between China and Japan). The official languange of Korea is Korean. Korea has style of culture are different from the roots of the original which was formed in various arts and dance. In theculture of contemporary. Korea was known to be trend of the Korean Wave is the spread of the popularity of the culture of pop music, movies, and Korea Dramas.

 EXO (boygroup)


(Korea drama)

                  Why i want to go South Korea? Because, some place it's good and I also want to meet directly with my idol. Some place that I'd seen if I were in Korea is :

1. Jeju Island : The island of Jeju is one of the most famous sights in Korea. The biggest  island in Korea and is located south of the korean peninsula.

(Jeju Island)

2. Changdeok Palace : Changdeok palace is a palace of the joseon Dynasty in Seoul. Nicknamed Donggung (East Palace). Changdeokgung means “Palace of Benevolent Scintillating.”
(Changdeok Palace)

 3. Gyeongbok Palace : Gyeongbok Palace is a palace located in northern Seoul, South  Korea. The Palace is included on the five major palaces and is the largest built by Dynasty Joseon.
                                                                (Gyeongbok Palace)

 4. Bukchon Village : Bukchon Hanok Village is a village of traditional Korean house (hanok) in Seoul, South Korea. This settlement is a residential and shelter officials and members of the royal family Joseon. 

                                                                         (Bukchon Village)

 5. Namsan Tower : Namsan Tower is a radio transmitter located in Seoul, South Korea. In the tower there is a gift shop and a restaurant downstairs. Visitors can  see the entire city of Seoul.

                                                                              (Namsan Tower)

 6. Han River : Han River sprawling along approximately 514 km. at Han River there are also many kinds of park as : Gangseo Hangang Park, Nanji Hangang Park, Mangwon Hangang Park, Yanghwa Hangang Park, Seonyudo Hangang Park, Jamsil Hangang Park, etc.

                                                                                    (Han River)

7. Jinhae-Gu : Jinhae-Gu is a small town in the southern province of gyeongsang known for cherry blossom festival.


8. SMTown Coex Artium : A mall in it there are, merchandise, photo studio,recording studio, M/V studio, training studio, hair & beauty, cafe, music lounge, desert hall, pop up cafe hall, sum retail, hand printing, panavision, photo box, 3D printing, hologram theatre. 

(SMTown Coex Artium)

 9. SM Entertainment : SM Entertainment is a major talent, producer and publisher of Korean pop music. “SM” is an abbreviation of Star Museum, because of the popularity of singers SM  Entertainment in South Korea.

(SM Entertainment building)

                         Umpteen about my dream place thank you.

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