Selasa, 14 Maret 2017

The Person I Feel Very Thankful

Someone who makes me special is my mother and my father. She is the one support me in every aspect, along with father. My mother very interested. When I come home late, she always call me countinously. When I feel sad she always amuse and listen my story. She also prepare my lunch box. Even though, she sometimes angry. But she's like that because she wants me to be better in the future.

Besides my mother, I am also very grateful to my father. because my father every morning to take me to school. sometimes she also prepares lunch for me. He also often bring me. He also often helped me to find stuff, because I am very forgetful. I do not have any brothers or sisters, so if no one in the house I feel lonely. I am very grateful to my father and mother.

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