Selasa, 24 Januari 2017


                    The first-semester break yesterday I spent time at home. I do a lot of things during the holidays starting from watching TV, hang out with my friends, fangirling, four days before entering school I practice angklung. When on December 27, I went to TSM with my friends. in TSM we just go around and buy bread at Tous Les jours.  we also to Gramedia to buy books chemistry, biology, and math. we at Gramedia also look novels, comics. After from Gramedia, we also bought frozen yogurt.
                                      Menampilkan 1483106391716.jpg

                   The next day, I with my friends visited Fida's house. Fida's house is in Baros, Cimahi. But, before we went to Fida's house, we went to Starbucks. After from Starbucks, we went to a cafe (I forget the cafe name) and there we meet Afi parents. From there, we went straight to the house Fida. Got home Fida, we were watching some movie "How To Train Your Dragon 2" and "Finding Dory". After finished watching film, we went home.

                   On New Year, I did not do anything, I just stay at home. On January 5, I practice angklung in school. I'm so tired of exercise angklung. Because angklung practice until late afternoon and I have not played angklung so little stiff to play. Practice angklung conducted until 7 January. The next day, I set up school supplies such as uniforms, stationery, books, shoes. And I'm ready to go to school tomorrow.

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